75.85 - CV joint (Technically it is an axle, but this is what most ppl know it as)

3.78 - Fuse

227.86 - Alternator

14.08 - Radiator Fluid (Coolant, whatever you like to call it)

5.94 - Crank Seal ( Harmonic Balancer Seal, again whatever you like to call it)

189.99 - Harmonic Balancer (or Crank Shaft Pulley, whatever you like to call it)

4.49 - Oil Filter (Might as well change it since all the work is being done to it)

11.97 - Dash Lights (my spedometer lights have been out for awhile now)

9.99 - Fuel Filter (Husband has been meaning to change it since we bought it, hopefully will help with gas mileage)

Grand Total: 543.95 not counting some tax and mechanical labor on part of my husband, plus lack of income for me for two days, and my husband for a day for fixing it!

Now to add, this may not seem like a lot to most, but we are just getting back on our feet and starting our own businesses, so to be hit with this kind of just stinks. But as Master Card says:

“Not having to borrow money from parents or in-laws to just keep going….PRICELESS”